Rong-Chong English as a Second Language: Grammar

Huge buffet of exercises, contents of many unknown until you open them up and bite into them.

Level: beginner, intermediate.


  • adjective
  • adverb
  • articles
  • clause: noun (nominal)
  • conjunctions
  • gerund
  • infinitive
  • noun:   count and non-count
  • preposition
  • questions (interrogative adverb):  tag,  yes/no (closed)
  • sentence patterns
  • sentence types: complex
  • subject-verb agreement
  • verb : auxiliary (helping), irregular,  modal, subjective, tenses

*additional grammar points may be included in this site, but a review of the contents of each individual exercise would be necessary to identify them.

Activities: check answer function , choose correct word from pair provided, fill-in the blanks (gap-fill), multiple choice, order scrambled sentence words, put word in correct form for sentence supplied, question completion, write questions to match supplied responses, write questions to match answers provided.

Age suitability: teenage, adult.

Founders: Ron C. Lee.

Around since: 1994.

Pluses: proficiency level provided for all exercises; extensive list of exercises; navigation intuitive, ads do not clutter the site; extensive collection of verb tense selection, formation, explanation and exercises exclusive focus; vocabulary in exercises is appropriate to the level of the grammar point.

Minuses: explanations and examples not provided for grammar points; some links lead to exercises that are not functioning; no search within site, some exercises do not include naming of the grammar point covered in them.


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