Definite Pronoun

Definite Pronoun: replaces a noun that’s identity has been clearly given.

Function: eliminates repetition or unnecessary naming of a known or identified noun(s).

There are two types of definite pronouns:

1) personal:  I, you, she, he, it, we, they, you, me, her, him, us, them

Example: Would you like to study together after class?

2) demonstrative: this, that, these, those

Example: There 10 cherry trees outside the school gate.  Those are my favorite trees at our school.

Sentence Position: see noun.

Level: beginner.

Common Learner Difficulties:

1) as pronouns, the identity of the noun the definite pronoun was meant to replace may not be clear when it should be.

2) using the incorrect form of personal pronouns for their position in a sentence.

Also See: demonstrative, noun, pronoun, personal pronoun.


7 responses to “Definite Pronoun

  1. a thank u for ur impormation

  2. Thank you i really got what you explained, i will appreciate and welcome if you guyz will be sending me some essay writings article. Thanks ones more.

  3. how do we know definite pronouns?

    • Hi Armelia,
      There are four words that are used as definite pronouns, ‘this’, ‘these’, ‘that’ and ‘those’. These words can also have different functions. In sentences where they are definite pronouns, you will not a noun right after them, they stand alone as the noun. For example, “This is your seat.” In example ‘this’ means ‘this seat”, but that the listener understands what the speaker is referring to, so it does not need to be stated. Hope this helps make this clear for you. If it does not, just ask me more questions.

  4. definite pronoun replaces a noun that’s identity has benn clearly given…

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