Numerical (Numeral) Pronoun

Numerical (Numeral) Pronoun: replaces  noun and specifies a quantity of it in the form of a specific number.

Function: indicate how many of a group of people, places or things do or are something.

Sentence Position: see noun.

Examples: 46, three

There are 312 students in our college preparation program, 46 have part-time jobs.

All of the textbooks were returned to the resource room, but three are quite damaged.

Level: intermediate.

Common Learner Difficulties:

1) unnecessarily repeating the noun with the number making the number an adjective rather than a pronoun.

Also See: adjective, noun,  pronoun.


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  1. I really find this site very educative and helpful and recommended it to friends for more understand on English language usage especially to a second speakers.

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